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Royer mic-mod Project
A project brought to you on behalf of David Royer.
Updated 24 December 2004
but he knows nothing about it yet

General Description

An article originally written by Dave for Tape Op back in 2001 took a budget Marshall MXL 2001 and replaced the PCB's inside the mic and the power supply to leave you with something with a Neumann feel.
" The Marshall MXL 2001 uses a capsule that is copied from the Neumann KK67/87 capsule, which was used in the Neumann U-67, U-87, SM-69 and M-269."
With some electronics leaning towards the U-47 but adapted to suit a 5840 tube and the addition of a Jensen DB/E transformer, Dave has given us some very cool DIY fun.


For all the details please do visit for a reprint of the article No. 25 from Tape Op: Sept/Oct 2001

and while you are at it visit Tape Op at


Just buy the Kit !

Kit including parts and circuit boards
Printed circuit boards and a parts kit for this microphone is available from Mojave Audio through Royer Labs at 818-760-8472 or email David Royer at
The kit is $160 w/o the Jensen Transformer, which is $66 from Jensen. The circuit boards only are $20.
-And you probably thought David Royer only knew about ribbon microphones. <>

... many thanks to Dave

Parts List
see main article

To cut a long story short, PCB's were available and then they weren't. Even so there are people oustide of the US that have difficulty obtaining US based stick so under a bit pressure and the desire to help out I knocked up a couple of PCB's for the original project.

check plot
bottom layer
top layer

A couple of PCB's and a few components, doesn't look that hard does it ?

As above there was a time when finding the original article was difficult and Tape Op doesn't ship outside the US so I had a rebuild and made the following PDF.


The completed unit.



David's second mic-mod project

Griz 2
I don't recall the origin of this PDF file
but it wasn't me this time.

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